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YX500: Efficient Sodium Cyanide Substitute for Gold Leaching

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Application Range of YX500

1. Applicable Materials: YX500 finds utility across various gold-containing materials including gold, silver oxidized ores, primary ores, cyanide tailings, gold concentrates, roasting slag, and anode sludge.

2. Processes: It suits different leaching methods such as heap leaching, pool leaching, carbon slurry, and stirring leaching.

Characteristics of YX500

1. Appearance: YX500 presents as a powdery solid.

2. Dissolving Method: It dissolves readily when stirred with water at room temperature.

3. Alkalinity Adjustment: Lime or caustic soda are typically employed to maintain pH levels between 10-12.

Utilization Guidelines and Precautions

1. Solution Preparation: YX500 dosage mirrors that of sodium cyanide. Concentrations vary according to ore grades and impurity contents, usually prepared at 15-20% concentration.

2. Usage Process: YX500 follows conventional sodium cyanide leaching procedures.

3. Precautions:

  • Regular monitoring of precious and lean liquid content, pH, and YX500 concentration is recommended.pH deviations outside 10-12 range affect YX500 consumption and leaching efficiency.Minor black residue post-dissolution doesn’t impair effectiveness.YX500 can be used alone or in tandem with sodium cyanide.Suitable for various leaching processes including carbon slurry and zine powder replacement.Gold recovery methods remain consistent with cyanide leaching.YX500 leach return water is recyclable.Leaching efficacy remains unaffected within 0-50°C temperature range, akin to sodium cyanide.YX500 consumption relative to sodium cyanide varies; higher for high-grade, impure, or fine gold-bearing materials, generally 1.5-3 times more.

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