Our company, Y&X, is participating in MiningWorld Russia, the 28th edition of the international mining exhibition held in Moscow from April 23rd to 25th, 2024. This year marks the largest scale ever, with over 540 domestic and international mining equipment manufacturers and suppliers expected to attend, making our participation in MiningWorld Russia crucial for our company’s development.

The Russian market is significant for us, and we maintain close cooperation with numerous Russian clients (such as ООО УК «МЕТАЛЛОИНВЕСТ», ОАО «Полиметалл», Уральская-ГМК, АО НГМК и другие. ), giving us extensive collaborative experience.

Last year, Y&X supplied over 1500 tons of flotation reagents and 500 tons of specialty chemicals to Russia. Our cyanide substitute reagent YX500 and MIBC substitute reagent Q30 have shown promising test results in Russia. Additionally, our scheelite collector SW01 and YX3418A have stable supplies in Russia. Furthermore, specialty chemicals such as carbon depressants have shown excellent test results in the laboratory phase and are currently undergoing industrial testing.

In conclusion, our participation in MiningWorld Russia and our efforts to expand into the Russian market are of great significance to us. We will seize this opportunity to showcase Y&X’S strength and technological advantages, expand our market share, and achieve our long-term development goals in the Russian market. Our booth number is hall 2-B5043, and we welcome everyone to visit!


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