What is Gold Leaching Reagent YX500?

The Eco-Friendly Gold Leaching Reagent (hereinafter referred to as “YX500”) is a high-tech product developed by Y&X Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. It has successfully replaced sodium cyanide and is extensively used in gold beneficiation and smelting processes, with fully independent intellectual property rights.

YX500 has achieved industrial-scale production and application. The developed “synergistic leaching” and “in-situ treatment” technologies ensure the standard discharge of tailings slurry while maintaining effective gold leaching indicators. These research results, appraised by the China Gold Association, are recognized for their innovation, broad market potential, and overall technology reaching the international advanced level. Specifically, the “synergistic leaching – in-situ treatment” technology has achieved an internationally leading level. YX500 can directly replace sodium cyanide without any modifications to the original cyanide process.

Reagent YX500 boasts numerous advantages, including low toxicity and environmental friendliness, high recovery rate, good stability, ease of operation, fast recovery, reduced dosage, low cost, and convenient storage and transportation.

What is the Low-toxicity Gold Dissolution Principle of YX500?

YX500 is an eco-friendly reagent that can substitute the highly toxic sodium cyanide. Its primary components include sodium carbonate tripolycyanate, alkaline thiourea, alkaline polymeric iron, and carbonate. During the gold leaching process, these components work synergistically to enable the cyanide group to complex and dissolve gold, thus achieving gold extraction.

The cyano-like groups (CN-) in the branched chain of carbonized sodium cyanurate are linked by covalent bonds, rather than ionic bonds as in sodium cyanide. Due to structural reasons and steric hindrance, these cyano groups typically do not decompose into free cyanide (CN-) in an alkaline environment but maintain a similar complexation ability to free cyanide. They work synergistically with other components in the product to oxidize and complex alloys.

During synthesis, some side reactions can result in a small amount of cyano group presence in the product. This minimal amount of cyanide (CN-) is the main reason why YX500 is non-toxic or low-toxic to humans and other organisms despite its detectability.

YX500 contains a small amount of water-insoluble substances (≤3%), primarily iron-containing oxides. The presence of iron oxide helps further stabilize carbonized sodium cyanurate, making it more stable under normal conditions. Therefore, after YX500 is fully dissolved, a small amount of black slag at the bottom is normal and does not affect the gold-dissolving capability of the product. On the contrary, it enhances the product’s safety performance. 

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YX500 offers significant advantages over traditional sodium cyanide, including low toxicity, environmental friendliness, high recovery rates, stability, and cost efficiency. With the YX500, you can achieve superior gold extraction performance with a safer, more sustainable process that improves economic efficiency and reduces environmental impact.


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