Sodium Disecbutyl Dithiophosphate


Classification General reagents
Cas No 33619-92-0
Appreance Faint yellow or jasper liquid
Solubility in water Complete
Purity 49-51%
PH 10-13
Specific gravity(20℃) 1.10+/-0.05


Certificate: ISO 9001 certificate
MOQ: 1 ton
Production Cycle: 1~200 ton in stock; 200~500 ton, 10 working days; ≥500 tons, negotiable
Production Capacity: 20,000 ton / year
Country Of Origin: China
Samples: Yes
Ports: Qingdao Port, Shanghai Port, Tianjin Port
Payment: TT, L/C, PayPal


Products application

Sodium disecbutyl dithiophosphate (DSP-04) is an aqueous solution of dialkyl dithiophosphate.

It has little or no frothing properties. It is a selective collector towards iron sulphides in an alkaline circuit, usually at slightly lower pH than for xanthates. The main application of this reagent is in the flotation of copper sulphides in the presence of pyrite. It is also an effective collector for gold, silver and sphalerite. In many cases a scavenger collector, e.g. small amounts of xanthate, is used. Other applications of this product are the flotation of metallic copper in a low lime circuit and copper oxides and copper sulphides in a mixed oxidesulphide ore.

The flotation collector requires only short conditioning time and is therefore useful for

staged addition. Experience has shown that mixture of alky ldithiophoshate and a xanthate or a mixture of two dithiophosphates is often better than either of the collectors alone.

It can be added undiluted or preferably diluted with clear water to 5-20% solutions. It is good practice to stir before use.

Its dosage is usually considerably less than for other sulphide collectors. It varies with the type of ore, usually falling in the range of 10 to 50 grams per metric ton ore.

Experience has shown that this collector is effective in the pH range of 4 to 12. Because of its selectivity towards pyrite, it can be used at slightly lower pH than xanthates.


Packaging type 

  Plastic Drum

Packing: Net weight 200 kg per plastic drum 4 drums on a wooden pallet tightly strapped.

Quantity: 80 drums per 20’FCL, 16MT.


  IBC Tank

Packing: Net weight 1100kgs per IBC.

Quantity: 20 IBCs per 20’FCL, 22MT.



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