Potassium Butyl Xanthate (PBX)

Product Name Potassium Butyl Xanthate
Formula C5H9KOS2
Technical Name Xanthate
Exterior Yellow granular particles
Packing 850kg/wooden box, 110kg/iron drum
Logo Customized as required
Solubility Soluble in water free of impurities
Class 4.2
MOQ 1 ton


PBX 90% 85% is a flotation reagent with strong collecting ability.


Potassium Butyl Xanthate is a very powerful collector with strong selectivity, widely used in the flotation treatment of sulfide multi-metallic ores, especially used in the flotation of natural circuit for copper ores and pyrite, like chalcopyrite, sphalerite, pyrite etc. It is also used in flotation of nickel ores, especially for the flotation treatment of Cu-Ni compound sulfide ore as well as gold mine associated with pyrite. It can also get satisfactory results when used in lead oxide copper ores. Commonly used in the process of rough flotation and scavenging flotation. Under the proper conditions, it can be used in the selective flotation of copper sulfide minerals from iron sulfide minerals and in the flotation of sphalerite after activation with copper sulphate.


Suitable for mining flotation process, widely used chalcopyrite, sphalerite, pyrite and activated sphalerite ores, and can be used to preferentially flotation copper sulfide from iron sulfide.



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