Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol (MIBC)

Formula Formula
Item (CH3) 2CHCH2CH (OH) CH3
Appearance Colorless Transparent liquid
Colorless transparent liquid ≥99 ≥98
Density(20°C)g/ml ≥0.805
Not Volatile matter mg/100ml
Mosisture(%)≤5 ≤0.1 ≥0.15
Acidity(%) ≤0.005


Content: 99%
Certificate: ISO 9001 certificate
MOQ: 1 ton
Production Cycle: 1~200 ton in stock; 200~500 ton, 10 working days; ≥500 tons, negotiable
Production Capacity: 10,000 ton/ year
Country Of Origin: China
Samples: Yes
Ports: Qingdao Port, Shanghai Port, Tianjin Port
Payment: TT, L/C, PayPal


Products description


In the lead-zinc around the world, fine grade copper ore and molybdenum sulfide ore and non-ferrous metallic mineral excellent foaming agent is mainly used for non-ferrous oxide ores or mud containing a large quantity of foaming agent during the separation. copper is widely used in gold processing, to improve the quality of concentrate particularly effective.


Selectivity, activity is good, thin and brittle and sticky foam generation, anti-foaming easy, no collector resistance, with less.

Storage and transport:

moisture, waterproof, anti-exposure.

Away from any hot objects or fire



  Plastic Drum

NW 165KG / barrel.


  IBC Tank

NW 830KG/ IBC barrel.



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