Lithium Mica Ores Collector L0810

Product Name Collector L0810
Exterior Tan paste-like liquid
Packing 50kg/ Drum
Logo Customized as required
Solubility Insoluble in water
MOQ 1 ton


Collector L0810 is an effective collector for lithium mica ores.


The lithium mica collector L0810 adopts a complex system of anionic and cationic collectors. By adjusting the type and ratio of the combined collectors and optimizing the pH of the slurry, a high-efficiency lithium resource enrichment technology has been formed. The key technology and innovation are as follows: Develop an efficient selective collector for lithium mica in a neutral slurry system. Under neutral pH condition, the combination of anion and cation collectors is used for flotation of lepidolite. The foam is fresh, less entrainment, green and environmentally friendly, and the flotation index has been greatly improved compared with acid conditions.


Suitable for mining flotation process, mainly used for lithium mica ores.



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