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Mining Gold Leaching Reagent YX500

Product Name Gold Leaching Reagent YX500
Exterior Gray powder
Packing 25kg/bag
Logo Customized as required
Solubility Soluble in water
MOQ 1 ton

Product Details

YX500 is our company’s innovative leaching reagent, replacing cyanide for efficient gold leaching from diverse sources and processes, including gold and silver oxide ores, primary ores, cyanide tailings, gold concentrates, roasting slag, and anode mud.


  1. Innovative Solution: Our proprietary gold leaching agent signifies a groundbreaking advancement in high-tech approaches for gold extraction. By completely eliminating the necessity for cyanide, it revolutionizes the extraction process, ensuring enhanced safety and environmental friendliness.
  2. Wide Applicability: This leaching agent boasts remarkable versatility in its application. It proficiently extracts gold from diverse sources, encompassing gold and silver oxide ores, primary ores, cyanide tailings, gold concentrates, roasting slag, and anode mud.
  3. Adaptability to Various Processes: It caters to a broad spectrum of leaching methodologies, including heap leaching, tank leaching, carbon-in-pulp, and stirred leaching. This adaptability ensures that regardless of the specific extraction process employed, our agent remains effective, offering a sustainable and efficient alternative to conventional cyanide-based methods.


  1. Innovative Solution: This revolutionary gold leaching agent offers a safe, environmentally friendly, and efficient alternative to cyanide-based processes. Its introduction marks a significant advancement in the mining industry, addressing concerns related to safety and environmental impact.
  2. Versatility in Application: The agent’s versatility enables its use across a wide range of gold-containing ores and materials. Whether dealing with gold and silver oxide ores, cyanide tailings, or gold concentrates, it ensures efficient extraction in various processes such as heap leaching, tank leaching, carbon-in-pulp, and stirred leaching.
  3. Process Compatibility: Its compatibility with multiple extraction processes ensures its effectiveness in diverse mining operations. Whether employing traditional methods like heap leaching or more advanced techniques like carbon-in-pulp, our leaching agent delivers consistent results while minimizing environmental impact.
  4. Environmental Sustainability and Safety: By prioritizing environmental sustainability and worker safety, our product sets a new standard for gold extraction. It revolutionizes the industry by offering a solution that not only enhances extraction efficiency but also minimizes harm to the environment and human health.

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