Dithiophosphate 25

Classification General reagents
Cas No 27157-94-4
Appreance Pungent dark brown Liquid
Solubility in water Complete
Purity 60-70%
Specific gravity(20℃) 1.17-1.20


Certificate: ISO 9001 certificate
MOQ: 1 ton
Production Cycle: 1~200 ton in stock; 200~500 ton, 10 working days; ≥500 tons, negotiable
Production Capacity: 20,000 ton / year
Country Of Origin: China
Samples: Yes
Ports: Qingdao Port, Shanghai Port, Tianjin Port
Payment: TT, L/C, PayPal

Products application

It is efficient collecting agent for sulphide ores such as copper sulphide, sliver sulphide, lead sulphide that all include iron and activation zinc sulphide ore. It is normally used in preferentially separation and flotation of lead and zinc, and has both collecting ability and foaming ability. It has a special effect to heavy metal oxidized ore. It is a strong non-selectivity collecting agent for sulphide ores. 

Storage & Handling

Storage: Store in a dry and well-ventilated place away from heat and sunlight after the principle “first in/first out”.

Handling: Wear protective equipment. Safe handling includes the use of safety glasses, natural rubber gloves and protective clothing. Keep it away from skin, oral cavity and eyes. If it happens, rinse with plenty of clean water immediately with at least fifteen minutes.



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