Copper-Molybdenum Ore Depressant D451

Product Name Depressant D451
Exterior Yellow brown to dark red liquid
Packing 1000kg/ IBC drum
Logo Customized as required
Solubility Insoluble in water
MOQ 1 ton


Depressant D451 is an high efficient depressant for the flotation of copper-molybdenum ore.


Depressant D451 is a very effective and important flotation depressant. The depressant used in the flotation of copper-molybdenum ore for copper minerals and pyrites has a significant inhibitory effect on copper, sulfur and other minerals, and can effectively replace sodium sulfide and sodium hydrosulfide

In the separation of copper and lead, D451, as a non-toxic, small molecule depressant, has a good inhibitory effect on chalcopyrite, and can be used in the separation process of copper-lead mixed concentrate to realize the separation of copper and lead.

In the high pH pulp, using copper sulfate to activate sphalerite, using lime as the depressant of pyrrhotite and pyrite, supplemented with D451 can effectively achieve zinc-sulfur separation.


Suitable for mining flotation process, widely used for copper-molybdenum ore.



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