Difficult Multimetal Sulfide Ores Collector YX09510C

Product Name Collector YX09510C
Exterior Light yellow to dark yellow transparent oily liquid
Packing 1000kg/IBC Drum
Logo Customized as required
Solubility Insoluble in water
MOQ 1 ton


Collector YX09510C is an effective collector for difficult multimetal sulfide ores.


Collector YX09510C is an innovative flotation reagent for difficult multimetal sulfide ores’ flotation.

YX09510C is a light yellow to dark yellow transparent oily liquid. This product is an efficient collector for sulfide ores. It has a certain foaming property, can promote forming bubbles. Mainly used in the flotation process of difficult to select sulfide copper ore, copper gold sulfide ore, and zinc sulfide ore. It can effectively improve the recovery rate of mineral processing, and bring considerable economic benefits. It has excellent selectivity, but its ability to capture pyrite and magnetite is weak. Meanwhile, YX09510C can improve the recovery rate of precious metals such as associated gold and silver. It excels in extracting complex lead minerals with high silver content and is specifically designed for scenarios where copper mineralization is secondary and lead grade remains below 1.5%.

With a recommended dosage of 30-150g/ton, YX09510C enables efficient recovery and high-grade concentrate production. It finds application in various mining operations, delivering exceptional selectivity, enhanced recovery rates, and minimized activation of copper minerals. For tailored solutions and technical support, our experienced team is readily available to assist.


Suitable for mining flotation process, mainly used for difficult multimetal sulfide ores.



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