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Maximizing Flotation Efficiency: The Power of Sulfide Activators, Spotlight on Copper Sulfate

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Flotation use blue crystal shape chemical product CuSO4 for mining use

To improve the selectivity of the flotation process, enhance the effects of collectors and frothers, reduce the mutual inclusion of valuable mineral components, and improve the conditions of the flotation pulp, modifiers are often used in the flotation process. Modifiers in the flotation process include many reagents, and according to their roles in the flotation process, they can be divided into depressants, activators, pH regulators, defoamers, flocculants, dispersants, etc.

Activators in Flotation Processes

Activators are a type of flotation reagent that can enhance the ability of mineral surfaces to adsorb collectors. The mechanisms of activation include:

1. Forming an insoluble activation film on the mineral surface that easily reacts with collectors;

2. Creating active sites on the mineral surface that easily react with collectors;

3. Removing hydrophilic films from the mineral surface to improve the floatability of the mineral surface;

4. Eliminating metal ions in the pulp that hinder the flotation of target minerals.

Properties of Sulfide Activators

Compounds of divalent sulfur, such as metal sulfides, can be considered salts of hydrogen sulfide. Metal sulfides can be produced by the direct reaction of metals with sulfur, by passing hydrogen sulfide gas into a metal salt solution, or by adding sodium sulfide to a salt solution.

Alkali metal sulfides and ammonium sulfide are easily soluble in water, and due to hydrolysis, their solutions are alkaline. The sulfides of alkaline earth metals, scandium, yttrium, and lanthanides are relatively insoluble. When the outer electron configuration of cations is 18-electron or 18+2-electron, strong polarization often results in the formation of insoluble, colored sulfides. Most water-insoluble sulfides can dissolve in acids, releasing hydrogen sulfide. A few extremely insoluble metal sulfides (such as CuS and HgS) can be dissolved using oxidizing acids, where sulfur is oxidized and precipitates from the solution. Insoluble metal sulfides exist in a dissolution-precipitation equilibrium in solution. By controlling the acidity of the solution, the concentration of S2- ions in the solution can be altered, allowing the precipitation of different insoluble metal sulfides with varying solubilities. This principle is the basis for using hydrogen sulfide to separate and identify metal ions in qualitative analysis.

Applications of Sulfide Activators

In the flotation process, sodium sulfide, sodium hydrosulfide, calcium sulfide, and other sulfides are commonly used as activators to activate non-ferrous metal oxide minerals. The common characteristic of these sulfides is their ability to dissociate sulfur ions in the pulp, which can react with metal ions on the surface of non-ferrous metal oxide minerals to form sulfide films that easily interact with xanthate collectors. This enhances the floatability of non-ferrous metal oxide minerals.

Copper Sulfate (CuSO4) for Flotation of Sulfide Ores

Among these activators, copper sulfate (CuSO4) is one of the most widely used reagents in the flotation of sulfide ores, effectively activating minerals such as sphalerite, antimonite, pyrite, and pyrrhotite. It is especially effective for activating sphalerite that has been suppressed by lime or cyanide. Suitable for mining flotation processes, copper sulfate is widely used for sulfide ores. It comes in blue crystal form, is soluble in water and free of impurities, and Y&X’S CuSO4 is packed in 1000 kg bags with customizable logos. The minimum order quantity is 1 ton. Copper sulfate is a crucial reagent in the flotation process, ensuring optimal recovery of valuable sulfide minerals. 

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