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China International Mining Expo (CIME) 2024 is coming soon

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Since its establishment in 2012, the China International Mining Expo (CIME) has become a renowned exhibition in the global mining industry, thanks to vigorous support from various government departments, industry institutions, leading enterprises, and exhibitors from both home and abroad. Over the course of more than a decade, CIME has continuously expanded through specialized, market-oriented, international, and branded operations.

Since 2023, the expo has officially relocated to the Shenyang International Exhibition Center. Positioned as one of China’s earliest cities in equipment manufacturing development, Shenyang is situated in the central area of the Northeast’s old industrial base, boasting significant industrial advantages, well-developed transportation networks, and serving as a focal point for supply and demand, thus making it the preferred location for domestic mining exhibitions.

As the premier annual trade platform in the mining industry, CIME remains steadfast in its commitment to monitoring and addressing the evolving needs of the metal and non-metal mineral markets. With a keen eye on industry trends, the expo aims to catalyze innovation and foster the modernization of the mining industry supply chain.

The upcoming edition of CIME, scheduled for June 27-29, 2024, at the Shenyang International Exhibition Center, promises an expansive exhibition space spanning 30,000 square meters. Over 600 leading companies from both domestic and international spheres will converge to showcase the latest technologies and products in the mining industry.

Among the key highlights of the expo is the “4th Sino-foreign Mining Industry Chain Development Forum,” serving as a concurrent event. This forum brings together government officials, industry experts, mining enterprise representatives, equipment companies, and professionals to delve into pressing topics shaping the domestic and international mining landscape. Discussions will center around themes such as new quality productivity, dual carbon, high-quality development, intelligence, and the supply-demand dynamics of mining equipment, offering valuable insights for companies seeking to expand their market reach.

In the dynamic mining environment, Y&X stands as a beacon of innovation and service excellence. Based in the capital city of Beijing, Y&X specializes in the research, development, and production of mineral processing reagents for various sectors including non-ferrous metal, rare and precious metal, and non-metallic minerals. We ensure environmentally friendly, efficient, and consistently high-quality products through its robust R&D capabilities, advanced production processes, and modern management practices.

Driven by a commitment to truthfulness, pragmatism, and customer-centricity, we are constantly striving to contribute to the development of the mining industry and to meet the needs of our customers at home and abroad.



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